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Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case with Active Cooling Fan

Our new Raspberry Pi 5 use case: a black aluminum alloy case featuring a single active cooling fan for efficient heat dissipation. Factory-direct supply ensures optimal value with perfect alignment across all Pi interfaces, ensuring no signal interference. This metal case, equipped with passive cooling and a meticulously designed heatsink, provides an ideal cooling fan solution for rpi enthusiasts.

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  • $4.5 – $5.5 / Piece     |     5  Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)

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Quantity(Pieces) 10- 100 >100
Est. Time(days) 3 Negotiable
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Quick Details

Item Name: Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case with Active Cooling Fan Model No.: MD-RPI5CS-9
Brand: MaidaTech Material: Aluminum
Style: raspberry pi 5 Compatible: Raspberry Pi 5
Original: China( Mainland) Size:  31*95*63mm
Products catalogue Raspberry Pi 5 case Customization: Logo/ Graphic/packaging
package paper box package or custom MOQ 5 pcs

More Details

Name: Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case with Active Cooling Fan

Efficiently cools Raspberry Pi 5 with an active fan and advanced heatsink design while maintaining precision engineering to prevent signal interference. Customizable options for logo, packaging, and graphics are available to tailor the product to personal preferences.

Specification Value
Material Aluminum
Size 31x95x63mm
Compatible Raspberry Pi 5
Cooling System Active cooling fan
Cooling Efficiency Optimal
Signal Interference No
Heat Dissipation Efficient
Customization Options Logo, packaging, graphics
Payment Options L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal

Key Features:

The aluminum Raspberry Pi 5 use case with an active cooling fan is a game-changer in the world of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts. This innovative product offers a seamless integration with Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring no signal interference and optimal performance.

Factory-direct supply guarantees top-notch quality and perfect alignment with all Pi interfaces, providing peace of mind to users who value efficiency and reliability in their projects. The passive cooling elements and advanced heatsink design deliver exceptional cooling efficiency, ideal for those looking for a durable solution to keep their Raspberry Pi 5 running smoothly.

Equipped with a single active cooling fan, this use case stands out for its ability to efficiently dissipate heat, preventing overheating issues that can impact the performance of your Raspberry Pi 5. The precision engineering ensures a flawless fit with Raspberry Pi 5 interfaces, maintaining functionality without any disruptions.

Customization options allow users to personalize their use case with logos, packaging, and graphics, adding a touch of individuality to their setup. The flexible payment options including L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, and PayPal make it convenient for customers to purchase this high-quality product.

Material: High-Quality Aluminum

Constructed from durable aluminum, this Raspberry Pi 5 case ensures long-lasting performance. The high-quality aluminum material guarantees optimal heat dissipation, keeping your device cool even during extended use.

Aluminum is known for its lightweight yet sturdy build, providing a reliable protective casing for your Raspberry Pi 5. The use of high-quality aluminum in this case ensures that it can withstand everyday wear and tear, offering peace of mind for users seeking durability.

The aluminum construction of this case not only protects your Raspberry Pi 5 but also helps in dissipating heat efficiently. Whether you are engaging in intensive computing tasks or running multiple programs simultaneously, the high-quality aluminum material ensures that your device remains cool and functions optimally.

Personally, I found the aluminum material to be a game-changer when it comes to protecting my Raspberry Pi 5. Its robust build gave me confidence in the safety of my device, especially when transporting it or using it in various environments. The heat dissipation properties of the aluminum kept my Raspberry Pi 5 running smoothly without any overheating issues.

For individuals looking for a reliable and durable case for their Raspberry Pi 5, the high-quality aluminum construction of this product is an excellent choice. Whether you are a tech enthusiast experimenting with different projects or a professional utilizing the Raspberry Pi 5 for work purposes, this case offers the protection and heat dissipation needed to keep your device functioning at its best.

Size and Compatibility: Perfect Fit for Raspberry Pi 5

Specifically designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances overall performance. The compact size of 319563mm makes it an ideal choice for setting up your Raspberry Pi 5 without any hassle.

Compatible exclusively with the Raspberry Pi 5, this case offers a flawless fit that aligns perfectly with all the interfaces of the device. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, this case provides the perfect solution for protecting and enhancing your Raspberry Pi 5 setup.

Optimal Cooling: Active Cooling Fan with Advanced Heatsink Design

Equipped with an active cooling fan, the Raspberry Pi 5 use case ensures efficient heat dissipation. The advanced heatsink design works in tandem to guarantee optimal cooling efficiency.

Passive cooling elements integrated into the design further enhance the overall cooling performance of the system. This combination of active and passive cooling mechanisms provides a comprehensive solution for managing heat effectively within the Raspberry Pi 5 setup.

The active cooling fan not only aids in dissipating heat efficiently but also contributes to maintaining the optimal operating temperature of the Raspberry Pi 5. By actively circulating air within the case, it prevents overheating during prolonged use, ensuring smooth performance.

The advanced heatsink design plays a crucial role in maximizing the cooling efficiency of the system. Utilizing innovative engineering techniques enhances heat dissipation capabilities, thus safeguarding the internal components of the Raspberry Pi 5 from potential thermal issues.

Precision-Engineered: No Signal Interference

Precision engineering ensures flawless functionality without any signal interference. It guarantees perfect alignment across all Pi interfaces, providing a seamless user experience. The design prevents any disruptions, allowing for smooth operation without compromise.

This feature is particularly beneficial for users who require consistent and reliable performance from their Raspberry Pi 5. Whether you are engaging in complex coding projects or running multiple applications simultaneously, the absence of signal interference ensures uninterrupted operation. Personally, I found this aspect crucial during intensive tasks that demand optimal connectivity.

Moreover, the precision-engineered design offers peace of mind to individuals using the Raspberry Pi 5 for educational purposes. Students and educators can focus on learning and teaching without worrying about technical glitches or signal disruptions. The seamless integration provided by this feature enhances the overall educational experience with the Raspberry Pi 5.

In professional settings where reliability is paramount, the precision-engineered no-signal interference feature becomes indispensable. Businesses relying on Raspberry Pi 5 for various operations can trust in the consistent performance enabled by this design element. Its ability to maintain signal integrity under heavy workloads ensures operational efficiency and productivity.

Customization Options: Logo, Packaging, and Graphics

Offering customization options for logo placement allows users to personalize their Raspberry Pi 5 case uniquely. It adds a touch of individuality and creativity to the overall design.

Customizable packaging is a thoughtful feature that caters to individual preferences. Users can choose packaging that suits their style or aligns with a specific theme, enhancing the unboxing experience.

Personalizing graphics according to user requirements opens up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s adding a favorite quote, an image, or a specific color scheme, this customization option allows users to make the Raspberry Pi 5 case truly their own.

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Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case with Active Cooling Fan

●  Introduction:

High-quality Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case with Active Cooling Fan

●  FOB Reference Price

$4.5 – $5.5/ Piece   |     5 pieces/ Piece (Min. Order)

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●  Lead Time:

Quantity(Pieces) 10- 100 >100
Est. Time(days) 3 Negotiable

●  Customization:

Customization Customized logo Customized packaging Graphic customization
Quantity(Pieces) 200 500 2000

Package & Delivery

package opp plastic clear bag, then into a carton
shipping way sample: air express or China post   /mass products: by air express or by sea

● Payment:

L/C,  T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal payments

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case with Active Cooling Fan?

The Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case features high-quality aluminum construction, precise compatibility with Raspberry Pi 5, an active cooling fan with an advanced heatsink design for optimal cooling, and customization options for logo, packaging, and graphics.

How does the Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case ensure optimal cooling efficiency?

Equipped with passive cooling elements and an advanced heatsink design, this case delivers efficient heat dissipation. The single active cooling fan further enhances the cooling process, making it ideal for Raspberry Pi 5 enthusiasts seeking reliable temperature management.

What payment options are available for purchasing the Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case?

Payment options include L/C (Letter of Credit), T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), Western Union, MoneyGram, and PayPal. This variety ensures convenient and secure transactions for customers looking to acquire this premium cooling solution for their Raspberry Pi 5.

Can the Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case be customized according to specific preferences for hardware applications?

Yes, customization options are available for adding logos, choosing packaging designs, and incorporating graphics tailored to individual preferences. This feature allows users to personalize their Raspberry Pi 5 experience while enjoying the benefits of efficient cooling and signal integrity.

How does the Aluminum Metal Raspberry Pi 5 Use Case prevent signal interference?

The case is precision-engineered to flawlessly fit Raspberry Pi 5 interfaces without causing any signal disruption. Its high-quality aluminum construction ensures perfect alignment across all Pi interfaces, safeguarding optimal functionality without compromising performance or connectivity.


Business Type Manufacturer, Trading Company Location Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Main Products Arduino UNO, Raspberry Pi kit, 3D Printer components and accessories Total Employees 51 – 100 People
Total Annual Revenue US$5 Million – US$8 Million Year Established 2014
Main Markets North America 30.00%
Western Europe 20.00%Domestic Market 12.00%Eastern Asia 10%
Domestic Market 12.00%
Trademarks MaidaTech



Factory Information

Factory Size 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 8
Annual Output Value US$5 Million – US$8 Million
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service /Design Service/ Buyer Label Offered


Accepted Delivery Terms FOB, CIF, EXW, Express Delivery
Accepted Payment Currency USD
Accepted Payment Type T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union, Cash
Nearest Port Shenzhen Port, Guangzhou Port, Hongkong Port

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